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The real estate sales activity for home sales in Central Ohio at the Apple Valley Lake was a another pleasant surprise again this past September. This past month the Knox County Board of Realtors reported 11 residential home sales in Apple Valley. The average sales price for September was $191,333. For the second month in a row we saw increased demand for Apple Valley lakefront homes and the two highest priced sales sold for $375,000 and $530,000 in September. As an Apple Valley Real Estate Specialist I have been hearing a lot of discussion about the housing market lately. It seems that everyone has an opinion about real estate these days and what is interesting is that most people have some inaccurate views on what the local Apple Valley housing market is doing. I want to be clear that it is not the viewer or reader that is wrong but what is wrong is the way the media is talking about home values. I heard last week that home values are down 25% and I had to laugh. Knox County Ohio has NOT seen home values drop even close to this and the reality is that during the past two months we have actually seen increases in the average sales prices in Apple Valley and the higher priced homes are MORE desirable because of the lower interest rates. Don't assume that what is happening in Phoenix, San Francisco, Detroit, Naples or any other metro market has anything to do with the real estate trends that are taking place at our Apple Valley Lake Community. Something that is not generally into consideration by most people is that Knox County Ohio has two very large, growing businesses who both specialize in the energy business. The energy business is booming and the backlog of orders is extensive so the continued work is solid. Both these manufacturing plants are experiencing large expansions locally so these are firms with long term plans to stay within our community. If you are interested in learning more details about the current housing market in Apple Valley, please contact me at 1-800-282-9096 or email me. I can generally offer you advice over the phone and give you direction based on market facts and statistical sales. If you require a detailed home evaluation I am happy to help you. If you have already left Apple Valley for the season we can make arrangements to view your home and review the estimate either over the phone or I can e-mail you a written evaluation in PDF file format. Also, if you have a family member who you believe could benefit from buying and investing in a home we would love to help them. Enjoy the fall seasonal colors and remember to take lots of pictures. Sam Miller

Apple Valley Lake Resort Active Homes For Sale

by Sam Miller

As of September 10th, 2008 there are 108 homes for sale in the Apple Valley lake community with an average listing price of $202,320.  What is interesting is that there are currently 10 homes that are listed for sale that are priced for less than $100,000 and these homes combined are listed for an average of $92,475.  The majority of these homes feature 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths which proves there are some amazing values available for first time buyers, investors and especially for those looking for an affordable weekend or vacation home.

There are 36 homes listed for sale that are priced at $100,000 to $150,000 with an average listing price of $131,257.  The average home in this price range features 3-4 Bedrooms and features 2 to 2.5 baths with only one home features 3 full baths in this price range.  The amount of living space and the overall features and amenities are what truly set this group apart from the homes priced under $100,000.  This is one of the most active price ranges in all of Apple Valley because it fits the profile of affordability.

Watch for my upcoming Apple Valley Lake Report which will highlight specifically the Apple Valley Lakefront and Waterfront Homes. 

Sam Miller

Apple Valley Lake Housing Market Sales Update for August 2008

by Sam Miller

The Apple Valley Lake Community in Howard Ohio saw $1,597,400 worth of homes successfully sell and close during the month August according to the Knox County Board of Realtors.  There were 8 homes that sold in August and with one of the highest average sales prices that we have seen in many years of $199,675.  This higher than normal average sales price is due to 3 waterfront homes selling from $295,000, $310,000 and $372,000.  These figures adjusted the average numbers upward for August.  Out of the 8 homes that sold by the entire Knox County Board of Realtors I personally sold 3 of these Apple Valley homes which accounted for 37.5% of the total sales.  The Apple Valley lakefront, waterfront and Apple Valley lakeview homes are still very much in demand if they are priced properly. 

Sam Miller

Home Preparation Ideas and Tips

by Sam Miller
Let me begin with some very basic yet very important concepts: #1. When your home is in "Top Condition" it will sell faster and for a higher price. #2. If the buyer smells cat or dog odors you won't sell it for top dollar and maybe not at all. #3. A home full of clutter and disorganization is a major turn off to buyers. #4. Clean, nice and neat homes that are well staged sells for higher prices than fixer upper homes. If the potential buyer feels that you love your home and if they believe you have taken good care of it you will be more likely to sell for a fair price, sell faster and have less issues with inspections and other inspection contingencies. However, homes that are simply listed for sale with no regard to the condition and are not show ready will sit, the seller will be forced to reduce the price over and over again in order to sell it. The best news is that preparing a home for sale is not difficult, it is not costly and is always worth the extra effort. If you want a faster sale for more money with less negotiating you will want to talk with me about my tops and methods for getting your home ready to sell. When I represent a home owner and after they have hired me to sell their home I work with them on ways we can make their house show it's best and appeal to the highest number of buyers. As part of my service to my sellers I provide a home preparation DVD called "Preparing Your Home To Sell" by real estate specialist David Knox. This DVD shows you tips and methods for making your house appear lighter and brighter, cleaner and it shows you how to give your home an advantage over other competing homes for sale. If you have ever watched shows like "Sell This House" you will truly appreciate this video. The real estate market is more competitive than every before anand it is important to take advantage of every opportunity available to you. Getting your home ready to show and sell and selecting a price that will attract ready, willing and financially capable buyers is what I do so if you want top notch representation give me a call at (740) 397-7800 or 1-800-282-9096. Sam Miller

Apple Valley Lakeview Home Marketed on YouTube Video Website

by Sam Miller
Apple Valley Ohio and the lake and golf course community is the perfect real estate community for attracting out of town buyings using the internet. I recognize that this market is expanding and the number of out of town property owners exceeds 2500 and that number is growing as more and more people discover Apple Valley. I have always marketed Apple Valley to the "out of town" type clients but today we are expanding our marketing to include Google and YouTube using video technology to produce brief video tours of our listings. These videos will be in addition to our 15 websites and we will continue producing the panoramic virtual tours specifically for and our other website marketing. Here is a new Apple Valley Lakeview listing that we created our first real estate video tour using both interior and exterior video clips showing full 360 degree views. Just click the play button on the video screen below and let me know what you think. My team and I will use and develop this technology to enhance the marketing of the homes we represent and we will attract more buyers who are unfamiliar with Apple Valley. Tell your friends about our new video feature and feel free to forward this video to anyone you know who you think would enjoy taking a video tour.

Apple Valley Lake Fireworks

by Sam Miller

Apple Valley Ohio residents will celebrate Independence Day on Saturday July 7th.  The fireworks display will be set off near the Apple Valley Clubhouse towards the Apple Valley Lake.  If you have never experienced the fireworks being set off over the lake it is absolutely gorgeous.  Many property owners will actually view the fireworks from their boats while on the lake.  During this weekend there will be opportunities to view, tour and purchase Apple Valley lakefront homes and Apple Valley lakeview homes.  For more information and to preselect homes you would like to see during this weekend visit

More than 27 million Americans have experienced identity theft and that number is increasing daily.  Identity theft and indentity fraud is a problem and it has created challenges for people all over Knox County regardless where we live or what we do for a living.  Each year hundreds of home buyers have me help them get preapproved for mortgage financing and in dozens of cases each year we find incorrect items show up on home buyers credit reports that.  In many cases we can resolve these items quickly but there are cases where these incorrectly reported credit challenges actually prevent a buyer from buying their dream home for months and in often times years.  In most cases these problems can be avoided and there are safety steps you can take that will help protect you and your family.  Here are some tips that will help protect Apple Valley property owners:

Report late or stolen checks immediately.  Your bank can block payment on them if they are  notified in advance.

Notify your banker of suspicious phone inquires or e-mails relating to your accounts.

Closely guard your ATM card and personal identification number and ATM receipts.

Shred any financing solicitations and bank statements before placing them into the trash.

Put outgoing mail into a secure, official postal service collection box.

If regular bills fail to reach you, call the company immediately to find out why.

If your bills include questionable items, don't ignore them.  Instead, investigate immediately to head off any possible fraud.

At least once a year you should contact a major credit reporting company to review your credit report and make certain the information is correct. 

Credit Reporting Bureaus:

Equifax (    Order a credit report at 1-800-685-1111

Experian (  Order a credit report at 1-888-397-3742

TransUnion (  Order a credit report at 1-800-888-4213.

Feel free to contact The Sam Miller Team at (740) 397-7800 or 1-800-282-9096.  We can save you time, money and we have systems and programs that help eliminate the frustration commonly associated with buying a home.


Sam Miller

The Apple Valley Lake located in Howard Ohio offers so many amenities such as boating, fishing, swimming, jet skiing, wake boarding, golfing 3 beaches, club houses and many other fun activities.  There are Apple Valley lakefront homes, Apple Valley lakeview homes, homes that are located on the Apple Valley golf course and others that have a view of the golf course and there are Apple Valley cabins and retirement style homes.  The bottom line is that there is something for everyone in Apple Valley.

As a REALTOR selling homes and building lots in Apple Valley for more than 20 years I am often asked about which school district services Apple Valley.  The answer that surprises everyone is that Apple Valley is serviced by two entirely different school districts depending on where your home is located.  The majority of Apple Valley is located in East Knox School District but many are not aware that the North side of Apple Valley is located in Brown Township and this area of Apple Valley is located in the Mount Vernon School District. 

If you have ever considered living in Apple Valley but didn't buy at the lake because you wanted to keep your children in Mount Vernon Schools you will be happy to know that you do have more options than you were probably unaware of.  The Apple Valley lake community is a great place to live.

Apple Valley Ohio Real Estate Update

by Sam Miller

I want to begin with what I call the state of the market for the Apple Valley Lake Community.  The real estate market has been active with strong buying and selling activity already taking place early in the year.  This activity is impressive considering Apple Valley is known to be a seasonal market which is generally a bit slower during the winter months.  We have been very fortunate that the weather here in Apple Valley has been very mild even in January of this year.  The real cold just settled in in February but it hasn't discouraged Apple Valley home and Apple Valley lot buyers.  The current market trends for Apple Valley look very positive for 2007. 

The following statistics are for home and lot sales for January 2007 in Apple Valley:

There were 8 Apple Valley homes that sold in January with an average sales price of $137,466.  There were also 6 Apple Valley lots that sold during the same period. 

Currently there are 101 homes for sale in Apple Valley throughout the community.  Of those 101 homes there are 14 waterfront homes for sale with the lowest asking price of $374,900 and the highest listing price of $695,000.  The average listing price for a waterfront home in Apple Valley is currently $465,506.  There are 10 Apple Valley lakeview homes for sale with an average listing price of $173,995. 

As of today there are 168 Apple Valley lots that are for sale within the lake resort.  Of those 168 lots only 10 of those are waterfront properties.  The average waterfront lot in Apple Valley is listed for $179,860 and the highest priced waterfront lot in Apple Valley is listed for $289,900.  There are currently 6 lakeview lots for sale with an average listing price of $32,883.

In January 20 homes were listed for sale in Apple Valley and some of those 20 homes only 2 of them were new construction.  The new home market in Apple Valley currently makes up less than 13% of the total number of homes for sale.  Watch for an even stronger Apple Valley housing market in the months to come.

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