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Preparing Your Apple Valley Lake Home For Sale

by Sam Miller


Preparing Your Apple Valley Lake Home To Sell

by Sam Miller

One of the key questions I am regularly asked by Apple Valley Lake homeowners is what can they do before listing so that their home shows its best.  This video "Preparing Your Home To Sell" offers a fresh approach that will not only give you empowering tips and recommendations but it also shows visual examples of before and after comparisons that will really open your eyes to the simple things that can make a really big difference.  Most of what you will learn in this video won't require you to spend much money but the return on your effort can be worth thousands of dollars and most importantly it can mean the difference between being on the market For Sale or getting your home SOLD!

If you follow the most basic recommendations in this video you will give yourself and your home a big advantage over other competing homes in the market by creating emotional appeal.  Things as basic as lightening and brightening rooms and removing unnecessary furniture to help you declutter and open up the feel of the rooms makes a huge difference.  This video shows you how to make your home appeal to the buyers 5 senses which is very important.  Remember that most buyers select the home they will purchase emotionally and then they justify the purchase with logic and facts.  If the buyer never emotionally connects with your home chances are they won't buy it regardless of the features or amenities your home has.  We hear things like "This house FEELS right" or "We wouldn't have to change anything in this home, we could just buy it and move in".  If buyers love the way your home feels they are far more likely to make an offer and ultimately buy your home.  SOLD!

We are offering this video FREE of charge and without obligation and all you need to do in order to view it is enter your name and email address and you will be able to instantly view this video directly from this page using a computer, iPad, iPhone or most other popular mobile device.  

Our team and I are committed to helping you create a smooth worry free move.  We have been selling real estate at the Apple Valley Lake for over 25 years and no other real estate agent or team has sold more real estate at the Apple Valley Lake than The Sam Miller Team.  If you are thinking of selling your Apple Valley Lake home we would love an opportunity to help you your move.

Thank You!

Sam Miller

Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2