Apple Valley Lake King Beach

Apple Valley Lake King Beach

King Beach at Apple Valley Lake Developed in 1974, King Beach is one of the three beaches in Apple Valley that has attracted swimmers and fisherman for almost forty years. The swimming area is about 200 feet long.

The total common area frontage is about 700 feet. King Beach has many recreational structures including a picnic area, a playground, and a volleyball court.

The picnic shelter is a great place to throw parties with its picnic tables and grills for cookouts. The shelter is well equipped with a bathhouse to wash off and vending machines.

King Beach at Apple Valley Lake A sand volleyball court is available for players on a first come, first serve. For younger children who are too small to participate with volleyball, there is a playground to the left of the beach with a merry-go-round and swing.

There is a shaded area for those who get sunburn easily or are just looking to escape the heat of the day. Fisherman will enjoy the docks to the right on the beach which are available for property owners.

King Beach at Apple Valley Lake King Beach is a great place to spend time with family or friends. To get to King Beach from the front entrance of Apple Valley, turn right on Apple Valley Drive, follow to Kingsway Circle and turn left until you see the sign for King Beach (on the left).


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