Ready, Set, Flow!

It’s that time of year once again when they lower the water level at the Apple Valley Lake down from what is known as full pool to a much lower level.  They do this each year before the cold winter weather arrives and before the lake water freezes.  There are several reasons for lowering the lake but the most important one is to protect the boat docks and sea walls from damage from the ice and ice shifting.  Another benefit is that property owners can make repairs, upgrades or build boat docks and sea walls that would otherwise be nearly impossible when the lake is at full pool.

We have shot a few videos of the initial lowering of the Apple Valley Lake in the past but this is our first time using our drone.  The elevated birds eye view from above the lake offers a unique perspective especially when they opened the water valve and you get to see the initial lake water surging out.  People have asked us “Where does the water go” and the water actually flows through the Little Jelloway Creek and it will eventually find its way into the Kokosing River. 

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This custom drone footage was brought to you by Sam Miller of REMAX Stars Realty 740-397-7800.