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Buy The Lot Next Door To Your Property at the Apple Valley Lake

by Sam Miller

Have you ever thought it would be nice to own the adjoining lot to your property at the Apple Valley Lake?  We are offering a unique service that could make owning an adjoining lot much easier than ever before.  Our team will research the property owner information for the adjoining lot that you want to buy.  Even if the lot is not currently listed for sale, we will contact the owner of the lot about arranging a potential sale of the lot for you. If the owner is not ready to sell the property we will enter your desired lot into our "Lot Watch Program" so that we can update you when the owner decides to sell.  If you are interested in this service you can register for FREE right now at‚ÄčBuy The Lot Next Door

Thank you for your interest,

Sam Miller 

Today is 11-12-2013 and the first snowfall has already arrived at the Apple Valley Lake!  Our first snow came a little sooner this season than I expected and with the warmer temperatures that are headed our way, I expect this snow will melt away be the weekend.  I can remember many years when our first snow hasn't arrived until after Christmas which is why the snow today is a little surprising.

Apple Valley Lake First Snowfall of the Season, Photo by Apple Valley Lake REALTOR Sam Miller

November 15th is the projected day when they will start lowering the Apple Valley Lake level from full pool.  The lake lowering process can take a couple of weeks to reach the desired lake level.  If you have never watched the lake get lowered before you may want to click on this video link and watch the water forcefully drain out of the Apple Valley Lake.   

Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2