Recently I was taking the CRS 206 Course which teaches advanced real estate technology and I learned about a service that anyone with a cell phone can use.  Grab your cell phone and add this address to your phone book:   Name:  ChaCha.  Number:  242242. is a text message based technology that can provide you answers to most of your questions within 5 minutes or less.  The service is free of charge (other than the normal text message charge from your cellular provider) and the answer to your question is actually provided via text messaging.  Give it a try and I think you will like it. 

Here is a sample of a question I asked ChaCha:  "Who would you consider a famous person from Mount Vernon Ohio 43050?"

ChaCha answered with this:  Daniel Decutur Emmett, author of the song "Dixie", is the town's most celebrated famous son.

ChaCha also sent a web link to my phone:

Sam Miller