Throughout 2009 Apple Valley, Ohio has been a busy place.  I recently received my copy of The Cider Press, a publication printed for Apple Valley Lake residents.  I thought this information on what the committee has approved was very interesting and thought I'd share. 

August 7 - 31, 2009     Jaunary 1 - August 2009
0   Additions     7     Additions
4   Boathouses     13   Boathouses
2   Decks     3     Decks
0   Fences     3     Fences
0   Garages     7     Garages
3   Homes     17   Homes
2   Miscellaneous     14   Miscellaneous
0   Docks/Extensions/Seawalls     11   Docks/Extensions/Seawalls
11  TOTAL     69   TOTAL

TOTAL HOMES built in Apple Valley Lake to date: 2,501

* This information was taken from the Architectural Control Committee Report in The Cider Press.

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